Peace past the breaking apart; Rainbow Colors…

MelindaThe LGBT community has developed just as the light does in creating a rainbow. Individual colors too strong to be hidden in the background or fade into another… each color standing as a group and as an individual.

Learning how to be yourself, a couple, and/or a family when it looks different to the world can be challenging…but possible…

Life is about change. LGBT individuals go through the everyday changes and the weight of being uncomfortable in their own skin. Some have a million reasons why: family, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, children… but only one reason ‘why’ they do not fit. Having all these blessings and feeling that they belong to the person you are thought to be…not the person you are.

What if the person you are was SO talented, they were able to create an outer self that kept them safe until they were strong enough to handle life as they are? What if the individual had solutions built-in and just needed some assembly done? I believe that the truth in your colors is there!

*Decide who you are aside from sexuality: hobbies, dreams, politics, sports, family, kids…and so on.

*Determine your goals as an individual: career path, travel, etc.

*Grow! Grow into the person you want to be and as you love yourself in your journey others will be able to fall in love with your ability to stand as an individual within a group of beautiful colors that was found in the light~

Much Respect,

Melinda Porter MA


3 thoughts on “Peace past the breaking apart; Rainbow Colors…

  1. I keep trying to assemble, following the instructions, but, it never quite turns out whole. I think some pieces must be missing.


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