Story Pieces~

ImageStory pieces in the LGBT community are not all fairy tales; some are of painful interaction with family, friends, or self. Stories that tell of the coming out or the solidification of one’s self as a whole person. Pieces of the ‘story puzzle’ that don’t make sense until they are put together. My job, my passion…putting together the pieces with love and respect.

Growing up, I knew that my filter looked different than others. I did not jump to conclusions about people but instead questioned the building of self they used. My family was not a ‘feel good’ family but one that believed in self growth. Never standing still in fear or ignorance, we hunger for knowledge! We respect the ability WE OURSELVES have to understand, accept, deny, or have faith in all things.

Pieces that make sense SOMETIMES to me:

* If I can see, truly see, where you are…I can respect it. What pieces are you working on and how do you want them to look? Who are you ready to allow to see them? For me, getting to the real self was the most important thing….it was not the prettiest but it is the most comfortable skin I’ve ever worn.

* Respect yourself, when telling your story understand that you are allowing others to hear and participate in what is now a piece of them too. If you are not ready for someone else to be apart of your story~ Respect yourself and wait to share.

* Enjoy who you are becoming during the journey! I am forever a learner and I love that…I grow and as I grow the details and the edges in my story puzzle soften and become more malleable.

*In this moment …I is me… to the best of my ability

          • We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.

Lynn Hall

Much Respect,

Melinda Porter MA

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