Blotted OUT.

Have you ever been in the middle of life just living your story and you get Blotted OUT.

Your next line is being written by the others that you don’t know but hold a power over you.

256x256_fit_one_bestfit_6In the LGBTQ community this is an everyday issue.

* I need to see my wife in the hospital. (Sorry, only legal family)

* Cancer hit our family and we could not do adoption until next year. (Sorry, the child is not yours)

* He is violent and I need to get a divorce. (Sorry, we don’t do divorces for your type in this state.)

* I would like to work in this office. (Sorry, we met your other half and we just don’t think that is a good fit for us.)

* This is a beautiful home! (Sorry, you said you would both be on the lease. Sisters correct?)

* My preferred pronoun is… (Sorry, what is in your pants is all I care about.)

Any of those and A million more spin in my head everyday as I move through my personal and professional life.


I wonder who will decide if my marriage is important.

What law will tell my love that she can not be with me in a hospital room

or answer questions about the house we call home.

Will my life be blotted OUT of the family line.

My love, that is what will be erased, with smears of ink or puddles of white out.

The stories of how I found myself and then found someone that loved me.

The pains of trying to follow in other’s rigid footsteps.

The self destruction that lead to ENOUGH.

I was done. I love who I love. That is the story that is under your BLOT.

That is . She is. I am. What makes me smile and my heart sing.

Today I am creating a story of life. I wonder who will decide it is not.

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